In RY 2004-2005, The Rotary Club of San Juan West was tasked by then DG Fabie Enriquez, through DGSR Augusto “Augie” Soliman, a Past President of said club, to organize a new Rotary Club in San Juan.  It was in October of 2004 when the organization started to recruit prospective members and until a new Rotary Club is born.  The formation and development of  the organization where joint efforts of DGSR Augusto “Augie”  Soliman,  PP Alexander “Alex” Salvador, and PP Ricardo “Ric” Santos,  all belonging to the Rotary Club of San Juan West, who until now are pillars of the new Club.  After several meetings and discussions about matters like; what will be the name of the club; what is the appropriate meeting day; and other relevant matters, The Rotary Club of San Juan East was finally chartered on June 9, 2005.  The Charter President was Ephraim P. Advincula, a Rotarian since 1978 and was the DGSR for The Rotary Club of San Juan West, his most recent club.  PP Alex Salvador also joined the new club to put strength and stability to its foundation.  The Rotary Club of San Juan East started with 23 Charter members coming from various professions and businesses.  The Club meeting date was set on a Wednesday evening, at Club Pilipino in Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila. Its Club bulletin initially known as the Herald, was named by CP Eph Advincula. In 2006 it was renamed Umalahokan. Umalahokan was the news bearer during the pre-Hispanic Philippines.  Like many starting Clubs, the Rotary Club of San Juan East was not spared from problems on membership retention and development.  The strength and character of the club during the term of DG Mikey Ortigas (RY 2005-2006) was tested.  Its defects and deficiencies became yardsticks for improvement.

The test of strength and resolve of the club was evident during the successful implementation and operation of the District 3800 Major medical mission last February 11 to 15, 2007,  held in Morong, Rizal.  This major project was headed by the energetic Chairperson, by then,  P.E. Evelyn P. Butcon and assisted by Pres. Alex Salvador. 

With the “pillars of the organization” around, and the belief of its dedicated and committed members, saying “we will prevail”.  Nothing can stop the club from becoming one of the greatest Rotary Club of District 3800 someday.

On its third year under the leadership of IPP Alex Salvador, once again, the strength of the club was tested. A Major cleansing process was experienced and the club was on the verge of closing. The infancy pains of the club were much felt and thanks to the core group, namely:  IPP Alex Salvador, Pres. Eve Butcon, Sec. Karel Dabu, Treasurer Lyn Yun, and Dir. Gil Empedrad, who unanimously agreed to keep the club going. True enough, before the end of RY 2007-2008 and through RY 2008-2009, the club membership was maintained at ten (10) members. Steadily, by RY 2010-2011 the club gained six (6) additional members and the following year saw a progressively rise in membership and service project accomplishments. RY 2011-2012 was another milestone in the thrust and cooperation of every member in continuously building up the foundation of the club to withstand the test of times. It now boast of 23 regular members with 3 honorary members and 5 volunteers who have been undergoing rotarization for the past how many months now.

The club has continually enhanced its existing Interact Club of San Juan National High School Dance Troupe and the re-activation of its Rotary Community Corps (RCC) so with the eventual induction of a Rotaract which is in the process of organization.