DPPI, CMOB collaborates on urban gardening

After a simple ceremony held in the CMOB headquarters, Mr. Ramon Regaladoof DPPI gave a series of lectures and activities about urban gardening to jumpstart the project.

“It is important to prepare the soil first,” said TitaTina Rodrin, also of DPPI, to Col. Benjamin Hao, the commander of CMOB. “We will also teach your soldiers how to make organic fertilizers coming from the natural waste that your troops are producing everyday inside your camp.”

The CMOB, on the other hand, prepared a number of plots in their backyard where the group will both plant varieties of vegetables, fruit-bearing trees, flowering and edible plants, and high-quality local and importedherbs.

“The new collaboration between DPPI and CMOB also intends to produce foods for consumption by the soldiers,” said Ms. Jen Angelo, one of the prime movers of DPPI. In fact, a portion of the garden area was allocated for said purpose.

During the lecture, DPPI emphasized that planting in urban areas can help reduce carbon footprints that damage our ozone layers and can also prevent soil decontamination that can lead to a healthy environment.

“We hope we can effectively support DPPI in this project of helping the needy, promoting organic foods, and saving our environment,” said Hao. “Equally important is my intent of teaching my troops on how to do urban gardening, especially those who have backyard gardens in their respective homes.”

DPPI, a non-profit organization helping the needy people in Southern Luzon and the northern region of the Philippines, has been a solid partner of CMOB for more than two years now.#

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