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Inspired by the successful conduct of Peace and Development Operations in Cebu and Laguna areas, the Civil Military Operations Battalion was organized on 18 August 2006 with its mission to conduct Peace and Development Operations (PDO) in Metro Manila.

The newly organized unit were composed then of eleven (11) Officers who, were all placed attached/unassigned with Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group, Philippine Army and two hundred (200) Enlisted Personnel generated from Philippine Army post units like Signal Group, Engineering Brigade/Battalion, Army Support Command and Headquarters and Headquarters Support Group , under the leadership of LTC NARCISO F ALAMAG INF (GSC) PA from 18 August 2006 to 01 November 2006 as the pioneering Battalion Commander, who was then the Deputy Commander of Civil Military Operations Group, Philippine Army.

When the unit was completely organized, filled-up and operational, LTC MELQUIADES L FELICIANO INF (GSC) PA assumed command as the second Battalion Commander from 01 November 2006 to 12 February 2007.

The conduct of Peace and Development Operations, also known as PDO, was conceptualized purposely to counter the Local Communist Movement’s effort in urban areas wherein the Task Units (TU’s) undertakes Civil Military Operations activities to facilitate in addressing the existing issues and concerns of the affected focused Sectoral Organizations (SO) and conducts Information and Awareness Drives to enlighten the general public of the deceptions and exploitations being employed by the Local Communist Movement. These Task Units also serves as a link between the different local government units, Non-governmental Organizations, private sectors and the like in order to help the selected audiences to avail the services that would help improve their social, spiritual and economic conditions and to establish bond between the military and the communities as part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ image building.

In this sense, the focused Sectoral Organizations lessen or all depleting in its membership while the members of unaffected Sectoral Organizations are immunized from Local Communist Movement’s Deceptive Recruitment.

Previously, the Peace and Development Operations’ Task Units were deployed under the direct supervision and control of the CMO Battalion Command Group, but when COL RICARDO R VISAYA INF (GSC) PA, took over as the third Battalion Commander from 12 February 2007 to 22 September 2007, these Task Units were re-organized into three (3) Companies under the direct supervision and control of their respective Company Commanders. On 27 May 2007, all Infantry Divisions, Light Armor Division and Training and Doctrine Command of Philippine Army sent one (1) platoon with one (1) officer led each to augment the CMO Battalion on Detached/Service status for six (6) months and on rotation basis to undergo PDO Training and gain experiences. On 01 August 2007 the three (3) companies increased into six (6) Companies named as Community Development Companies or (CODECs).

COL VISAYA was then succeeded by COL BUENAVENTURA C PASCUAL (GSC) MNSA PA on 22 September 2007 to 28 November 2009, the fourth Battalion Commander.

The Task Units were pulled-out last 09 May 2007 as a result of the 2007 National and Local Elections and resumed its operations on the 1st week of August 2007.

With the successful conduct of Peace and Development in the National Capital Region, the Civil Military Operations Battalion was conceived as a Training Unit wherein personnel from the different Infantry Divisions, Light Armor Division and Training and Doctrine Command were placed again on Detached Service with CMO Battalion for another six (6) months on a rotation basis to undergo same training.

COL EMILIO T HULIPAS INF (GSC) PA, fifth Battalion Commander, continued the conduct of Peace and Development Operations under the operational control of the National Capital Region Command (NCRCOM), Armed Forces of the Philippines when he assumed command from 28 November 2009 to 01 December 2010.

However, during the 2010 Automated Elections, the Civil Military Operations Battalion personnel were pulled-out from their respective focused areas to perform election duties and considered to be one of the key players in the security of election paraphernalia intended for National Capital Region and the security of polling centers during the said elections. The peaceful and successful endeavor had once again put the unit in the limelight of history.

Evidently, the Peace and Development Operations in the National Capital Region is effective as manifested by the Local Government Officials and other sectors of our society when they requested back the presence of our troops in their respective areas. As a result, the troops were again redeployed in the different Brgys of the National Capital Region on 14 September 2011.

COL HULIPAS was then succeeded by COL NASSER D ALONTO INF (GSC) PA who assumed command last 01 December 2010 to 20 February 2013, the Civil Military Operations Battalion is well-known and famous for the series of Medical and Dental Civic Action Programs in the metropolis and its conduct of Peace and Development Operations (PDO) and other various CMO efforts in support to the AFP’s Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) “Bayanihan”.

From February 20, 2013 to the present, the unit is under the leadership of COL FEROZALDO PAUL T REGENCIA INF (GSC) PA as the seventh Battalion Commander. The unit sustained the previous Peace and Development Operations (PDO) and other CMO efforts in National Capital Region until April 04, 2013 when its personnel were mandated to perform election duties in accordance with the 2013 national and local elections. Then, its personnel went on a series of rigorous trainings, seminars, and workshops at its headquarters while anticipating orders of redeployment from higher command.

Moreover, the CMOBn indulged in Partnership Management Program wherein selected stakeholders are being engaged to perform Community Outreach Program composed of more than twenty activities focused on solving the issues and concerns troubling the specific sector or area.

Today, the Civil-Military Operations Battalion is more competent in performing their specified tasks in support of the AFP’s Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP) Bayanihan in winning the PEACE!

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